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When she was 13 years old, Laura Bosc de Ganay saw her first Egyptian collection in Paris and she had that flash in mind: working with Egyptian antiquities.


She is a young and tenacious antiquities dealer, fascinated by Egyptian Art, but also Greek, Roman and Mesopotamian Art. After 10 years in the Antiquities business, IADAA cheerly welcomed her in 2008.

Working all over Europe, mobile and flexible, her main concern is helping collectors finding, and retaining Antiquities that match with their taste and temperament. She also likes to train and sensibilize new collectors to Egyptian Art, coaching them to build and manage a coherent and beautiful collection, according to their taste, preference and budget, in a long term relationship.


Size, price or luxury don't always matter, but fine execution, charming fragment, graphic acuracy, nice material and provenance prime here.

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